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The Ten Best Welsh Political Blogs [Jun. 19th, 2009|12:44 pm]
The Mabiblogion
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There is quite an interesting (if navel gazing) discussion going on over at welshbloggers about the state of the Welsh blogosphere.

Depressingly, we appear to be looking to Westminster as a bench-mark with some people lamenting the fact we don’t have a ‘Guido’ equivalent in Wales.

That maybe right, but what we do have is our own vibrant blogosphere discussing day-in and day-out the issues affecting Wales.

Those hacks whingeing about the quality of citizen journalism in Wales would do well to occasionally break a story themselves, and not live off press releases and spoon fed Assembly guff.

Anyway, with that in mind, and noting the current hunger for lists at the Independent Online, here is my personal selection of the Ten Best Welsh Political Blogs.

1. Betsan Powys

2. Peter Black AM

3. Adam Price MP

4. Ordovicius

5. Guerilla Welsh Fare

6. Welsh Ramblings

7. Valleys Mam

8. Miserable Old Fart

9. Cambria Politico

10.Cynical Dragon

So, plenty of reasons to be cheerful about the Welsh blogosphere then.

Feel free to post your own lists below and comment with any sites you think I have missed.

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