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Currying favour with the voters [Jan. 15th, 2009|04:08 pm]
The Mabiblogion

Members of the All Wales Convention, carrying out a consultation on whether a referendum on full law-making powers for the Assembly should take place by 2011, have got themselves in bother.


Some argue the members of the group have undermined the important task they are charged with by posting answers to the question ‘What would you be, if you were an animal?’ on their website.

See all the results here. Unfortunately no reasons for the choices are given, but you have got to love Alex Aldridge for saying elephant.

David Davies of the True Wales group has rather uncharitably kicked up a fuss saying, ‘I am astounded by this. They are supposed to be engaging in a serious debate about the constitutional future of Wales. Instead they are engaging in very strange activities.’

Mr Davies (now what animal would he be?) goes on to compare the group to ‘nursery children at their first day in school pretending to be animals.’

The group’s first public consultation was at the Seaside Social and Labour Club last night in Port Talbot and everyone who attended was given a free curry for doing so.

No problem there you might think, except for the fact it is supposed to be an independent consultation and it’s being held in the Labour club. Oh, and the fact that some people think the curry may be a sort of bribe….

Davies again, ‘They are acting like eighteenth century politicians in rotten boroughs by offering voters free victuals. Whether this is to persuade people to vote ‘yes’ I am not sure’ 

Regardless of Mr Davies slightly bad tempered moaning, it strikes me as sad that curry is needed to get people in Wales engaged in the next stage of devolution.


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